Being a Honest Man with Bourbonstate

Artist: Bourbonstate
Lyrics: Alex Gerdt
Composer: Bourbonstate
Producer: Joe Vegna
Mixing: Joe Vegna
Mastering: Johan Åberg
Label: Vegna Music
Released: May 6th 2013

Working with Bourbonstate is just a treat. This is one of the easiest and fastest songs I've ever recorded. They just step into the studio and nail it. Most of the time there's really no need to make a second take. We recorded the music for this song as a live take. A week or so after we were supposed to record the vocals. But when Alex showed up he had brought a banjo and a huge smile. But knowing Bourbonstate I know better that to argue with their ideas. The banjo is a great feature that's not very obvious at first listen but really helps with the feel of the song.

We also made a video for this song. There are not really much acting going on. The confused state of mind is kind of default with these guys. At the end it's actually me swiping in and stealing their car. 

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