Recording, producing and mixing "the Limit"

Artist: Tune Tank
Lyrics: Tune Tank
Composer: Tune Tank
Producer: Joe Vegna
Mixing: Joe Vegna
Mastering: Johan Åberg
Label: Vegna Music
Released: June 6th 2015

Looking for the next single for me an Tune Tank to work on I got about 15 demos. There were a lot of great stuff but this song stood out to me. I think it's the super mega simple riff that carries throughout the song. I felt it would be a real challenge to get this song to really fly. 
We recorded this song in the basement of my house. Barely enough room for a drum kit and certainly not enough room for a full rock band set up. But some how we managed to squeeze everything in, even microphones. 
I think we got the song to sound quite interesting. It's not your typical rock song. To me it's quite remarkable how a three piece band with this simple riff can sound so cool. Got to give it to the brothers, they really can play.

The music video was recorded on a live show in Stockholm on the day of the release.

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