Working with Sad Song by While Jimmie's In Jail

Artist: While Jimmie's In Jail
Lyrics: Sarah Vegna
Composer: Joe Vegna
Producer: Joe Vegna
Mixing: Joe Vegna
Mastering: Cutting Room
Label: Vegna Music
Released: April 17th 2013

Some songs takes many turns before they settle. This is a song that I and Sarah wrote and recorded and it felt ok. As I was mixing the song Marika Nord was in the studio and started to sing along. It felt so nice that we turned the song into some kind of duet with Sarah and Marika.
A few days later I was mixing the new version of the song and again I had a visitor in the studio. It was Peter Leyonberg and he started to shout in the chorus. And again it felt really good so we placed a microphone in front of him and recorded the sad distant oooh.
Mixing the song for the third time I made sure to be alone in the studio so that no one else would show up with great ideas.

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