Writing Burning Crime with Maria Mondo

Artist: Meena Kaye feat. Maria Mondo
Lyrics: Maria Mondo
Composer: Joe Vegna
Producer: Joe Vegna
Mixing: Joe Vegna
Mastering: none
Label: Starstruck Ninja
Released: April 27th 2018

I wrote the music to this song over a year ago. A perfect example of when I get a sound in my head and spending the night in pursuit of that sound. It almost never sounds the same as it first did in my head. But that's not really what I'm after. The sound in my head is a catalyst and the end result can be anything, including crap.
Listening to the song the next morning I know I liked it and I thought it could be a cool track for a rap artist. Something like Thomas Rusiak. But since I had no rapper in my desk the song was forgotten.
In early 2018 I was in contact with the awesome Finnish singer Maria Mondo to do some songs with Meena Kaye. She asked me to send some songs and I sent her a couple of tracks including this one even if I was pretty sure she would not like it. But she did, and it was the first song she picket from the ones I had sent her.
It took about 12 hours then I got back her first draft with her voice. It was really really good and not even close to what I had in mind for the song.
The first draft she sent me is basically what you hear in the final version. We made some small adjustments but over all the song was done in draft 1.

When mixing I ran into some issues. When I wrote the song I used Pro Tools, I had since switched to Reaper. So in order to extract the files I had to buy Pro Tools again. Anyone who has dealt with Avid knows that buying, installing and get everything to just play is 1-3 days of work ...

The song was not mastered since it already had the sound we were looking for. So the version released is straight out of my mixing session. 96 beautiful k´s of resolution :)

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