Making hip hop with a 10 piece band

Artist: Adiafora
Lyrics: Adiafora
Composer: Adiafora
Producer: Joe Vegna
Mixing: Joe Vegna
Mastering: Johan Åberg
Label: Vegna Music
Released: July 31th 2014

When Adiafora won the Swedish Championship For Street Music in 2013 the price was to record a single in my studio. The work with that single was really fun and we decided sign Adiafora to Vegna Music.
Adiafora was a 10 piece band and was by far the biggest project I had undertaken at this point. To make it even harder the bass player, Mats, was in the US when we recorded these songs. So step one was to record just the drums. Then we sent the files to Mats in the US and went to bed. When we woke up he had sent us the bass files. In the song "Mamma Tycker" he by mistake sent us the mic recording of the bass instead of the DI. So the bass track is about 60% bass and 40% the song from the band playing next door. 
A few days later we recorded all the horns and percussion. I have never seen anyone with as much ... stuff, as Axel Fagerberg, the percussion player. All "strange" sounds throughout the album is Axel and hes bag of stuff. There are no samples used what so ever.
At the end of "Hund Begraven" there's a saxophone solo. We had a really hard time getting the right feeling into this. After a million takes we sent in the whole gang in the both just shouting and having a party while Egil was playing hes solo. That did the trick and we kept the first take. All the shouting around the saxophone is live in the same microphone as the actual solo.

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