How to mix KLOCKORNA with Ensamheten

Artist: Ensamheten
Lyrics: Stefan Langendorf, Sarah Vegna
Composer: Stefan Langendorf
Producer: Sarah Vegna
Mixing: Joe Vegna
Mastering: none
Label: Vegna Music
Released: April 9th 2018

The first time I heard this song was last summer when Sarah and Stefan was working with pre production for the Ensamheten album. To me it was just a song, not bad, not great. But when I got the files to mix I got goose bumps all the way to the tip of my nose. I think the whole band really brings their A game on this one.

There are some really cool song writing techniques going on here. After the first verse there's a section that could be a chorus. And after that it goes to the second verse so one might assume that it was the chorus between verse 1 and 2. After verse 2 it's the same section again but after that the real chorus strikes. And that's after 2 minutes! 
It's a textbook disaster to wait for over 2 minutes to deliver the first chorus. And that's what makes it awesome. The song is almost 6 minutes long and the chorus is only played twice. Brilliant!!!

I got the guitars in D.I. format so I had to come up with the guitar sound from scratch. The UAD Marshall is a really good friend for this. I think it works really well for this song.
The cool thing about working with Ensamheten is that I can play around and add stuff I think will be nice. In this song I felt the first verse could benefit from some more guitar. So the second guitar that comes in in the first verse is me dusting of the ol´ Gibson. Band liked it, me to, producer to.

The drums was recorded in a really small room. So the raw drum tracks sounded a bit small. I wanted some more power and kind of longer tones on the drums. Trying a bunch of samples made it sound more like Bon Jovi 1987 than Ensamheten 2018. I ended up with using just a snare room sample. The overheads are a big part of the over all drum sound. To get it to smack really good I used a UAD Chandler Zener limiter. This is a limiter I always have trouble getting to sound right. I simply don't understand how to use it. But when loading it into my Console1 it somehow makes sense and I got it to smack really good. Using a 60/40 blend does the trick.

This song was never mastered. The song on Spotify is straight out from my mix session. 

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