Music production of an INNOCENT MAN

Artist: Tune Tank
Lyrics: Tune Tank
Composer: Tune Tank
Producer: Joe Vegna
Mixing: Joe Vegna
Mastering: Johan Åberg
Label: Vegna Music
Released: April 15th 2016

The thing that always strikes me when working with Tune Tank is their ability to get awesome songs out of the simplest of riffs or beats or what have you. That makes it really fun for me as a producer to come up with "decorations" for the music. 
When we started the recording session for this album I had not heard all of the songs. This was a song they had played me on acoustic guitar and I liked it. Starting the drum recording I did not really know what to think. I basically thought Fredrik, the drummer, was joking when he played the drum pattern. Listening to just the drums it sounds very strange. But I know the band has a plan so I play along. Adding the bass and main guitar I start to question things. It sounds like they have "fastnat i vinkelvolten" as we say in Sweden. It's basically 4minutes of 8th notes.
Next up was some acoustic guitars and things start to sound a bit more interesting. Recording the vocals everything fell into place. All of a sudden it's a song.
When the core elements of the song were in place we started with background vocals which is a big part of this song. We found that it sounded the best when both Fredrik and Jocke sang into the same microphone at the same time. Old school. So all backing vocals are both guys sing into one mic, no autotune, just some great vocals.

Then the really fun starts for me. "Adding stuff".
To spice up the intro I found a toy xylophone that I just play a few notes on. Then in the verse we added some sticks with a simple 8th note pattern. Really simple stuff but it helps keeping things interesting. 
In the middle 8th we wanted to have the song take a turn. No electric, just acoustic, guitars. Some, well a lot, of tambourine and a slap delay on the vocals. Our way of sounding "Spanish".
Now the last section of the song and it's time to bring out the big guns. We all felt the song needed something and we tried just about everything. Percussion, guitar stuff, vocal stuff, synth stuff ... Nothing felt right. So I, half kidding, said "just play some trumpet", then I left to make some coffee. When I got back the band had written a cool but really complex trumpet melody. It was nice, but a little to much. So my suggestion was to just play 4 ascending notes and repeat that. And again all fell into place. We then added a second trumpet and a trombone and the song was done!

I think this is a really cool tune and it's one of few songs that I still like how it sounds years later.

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