Producing rap with Kory Alexander

Artist: Kory Alexander
Lyrics: Kory Alexander
Composer: Kory Alexander, Joe Vegna
Producer: Kory Alexander, Joe Vegna
Mixing: Joe Vegna
Mastering: Joe Vegna
Label: Starstruck Ninja
Released: September 26th 2017

In the summer of 2017 me and Kory worked on quite a few songs. He had some great ideas and together we came up with some really cool tunes. When Obvious came along I felt we had a hit. It's a strong chorus and there's nice energy throughout the whole song. 
Kory had made the foundation so when I got the track I basically recorded some percussion and a few synth tracks. 
The robot voice just before the second chorus is also me. That's as close to rap I'll ever get.

We had a long discussion weather to use AutoTune or not. It's a balance. I absolutely hate AutoTune, but in a way it's the sound many are going for. What we ended up doing was to just use AutoTune on some background vocals and leave the lead vocal as is. 

I really felt this should be the single from the album but Kory had some other thoughts. So this ended up just being a track on the album. However right now, almost a year after release, it's the most streamed of all Korys songs. By far. So I guess I was not all wrong thinking this was the hit. 

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